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You Need To Know About Bluphoria

Think of the most beautiful sound you have ever heard then go listen to Bluphoria playing “Kaleidoscope” and try to tell me that they aren't your new favorite.

Photo by @pbarton_art

Eugene, Oregon’s Bluphoria is an alternative rock band with deep southern and psychedelic accents that would make any Arctic Monkey’s fan swoon. The band is fronted by Reign La Freniere on lead guitar, Dakota North on rhythm guitar, Rex Wolf on bass, and Ben “Rig” Norman on drums. Together they have just recently put out a couple of EPs that make up most of their public discography at the moment. After listening to their collection it is no surprise to hear that they have just been signed to EDGEOUT Records for a developmental deal and will get to work on putting out more amazing follow-ups to Landfills & Bottlecaps and Alone EP.

“I hope people really connect to the music we are trying to make and relate to the experiences we push in our work,” concluded LaFreniere. “Making music means a lot to all of us and we know how powerful it can be in a person’s life and hope that by doing our part we can make a positive impact for others.”

We are excited to see what comes next for this quartet.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates and follow the band @bluphoriaband

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