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Jorja Smith At The Fox

Our San Francisco-based photographer Sabrina Poei officially caught Jorja Smith’s perfection on stage (and maybe a funky stank face or two). Check out the recap and full gallery below.

All Photos By: Sabrina Poei

Jorja Smith is a British singer-songwriter who was discovered on YouTube when a friend uploaded her cover of Earthquake by Labrinth (yes the same Labrinth who scored Euphoria).

Up until then she had been listening to a ton of reggae, punk, hip-hop, R&B, and notes specific influences from Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lauryn Hill, Sade, and more. She even wrote her first song at 11 years old. She uploaded her single “Blue Lights” to SoundCloud and quickly garnered the attention of the London music scene. Her EP Project 11 in 2016 inspired Drake to invite her to open his More Life UK London show after she appeared on that very same album. Jorja’s album Lost & Found captivated the world in 2018 and since then she has moved into her Extended Plan “Be Right Back” in 2021 which had us salivating.

That brings us here to her Summer Tour 2022. Our lovely tour photographer Sabrina Poei covered the final tour show and took all these amazing photos.

Jorja Smith played songs like "Time" “Be Honest” "Something In The Way," as well as a cover of the Amy Winehouse song "Stronger Than Me," before two sold-out crowds at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California on the 28th & 31st. Her stage presence is beyond natural and her energy is so calming. Be sure to catch her during her next performance in LA or SF soon.

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