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Vanessa Zamora Releases Latest Single "Ayer"

The Mexican psychedelic pop star has released her latest single "AYER" and it's beautiful.

In case you don't know, Vanessa Zamora is a Mexican singer-songwriter and producer from Tijuana, Baja California. Her music is a journey through the less explored sides of music, guided by the eclectic and the psychedelic. She is currently living between Mexico City and Baja California and has most recently put our her latest single "AYER" which translates to "Yesterday" in English.

The slowed down ballad can be enjoyed regardless of what language you speak and allows the strength of her beat & vocal skills to shine through. It is sensual and sophisticated and pairs well with a tall red glass of wine. Along with the single is a black and white music video that still manages to bring color to the song with artsy visuals that act as a chaser.

Check out Vanessa Zamora's latest single and video "AYER" here.

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