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ToBy Releases His Latest EP "THE OUTSIDE"

The latest EP "THE OUTSIDE" from rapper ToBy is a daydreamy production laced with bass led trap sounds that will leave listeners feeling serene and centered.

ToBy is a multi faceted artist with experience in comedy and acting as well as music. His latest EP "THE OUTSIDE" is an experimental blend between tranquility and chaos. The first single “Play Out,” released last month, takes the form of an upbeat party song influenced by the stylings of contemporary artists like Jack Harlow’s "WHATS POPPIN" or BROCKHAMPTON’s "Boy Bye".

In creating music, ToBy finds his inspiration in places that he is closest to.

My connection to this source has always felt strongest outside and in specific locations. The rooftop overlooking Port Au Prince, Haiti at my grandma’s house, the deep lush forests and lakes that span the countryside, the lake outside my parents’ house, the beaches that tug at the heartstrings tethering me to my native country. The outside is the center and all of my stories and creative impulses are catalyzed by its presence.”

His other tracks such as "Osiris" takes inspiration from Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" and tells the story of the mythic tale of betrayal and murder of the Egyptian god at the hand of his own brother. While facing notes of his impending mortality (written and recorded on his 26th birthday) “Wishes” bares ToBy’s open soul. "THE OUTSIDE" is a culmination of ToBy's feelings across space and time. His lyrics are an open door into his relatable and illuminating thoughts and his beats are soothing and strong. It's a piece of work that is further uncovering yet another facet within the large spectrum that is Hip Hop.

Stream "THE OUTSIDE" by ToBy here.

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