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Tita's "ME QUEDO CON LO BUENO" Video Out Now

Hailing from Guatemala, Mariana Moreno, better known by the name Tita, is an up-and-coming indie-pop singer. She learned to play the guitar at the young age of 14 and has been creating moving, exploratory music ever since.

Working with friend and producer Bumont (Walter Monterroso)—Tita's latest project, an EP titled "TODO ES MENTAL"—is a foray into the wide spectrum of interpersonal connections, love, aversion, melancholy and introspection. "ME QUERO CON LO BUENO" is a song written from a place of anxiety. Often times she would experience that awful sensation out in public and suddenly feel invisible like a ghost. Her forthcoming EP "TODO ES MENTAL," set to be released later this year. It incorporates indie/rock guitar riffs, jazzy trombone, and dark synth, all juxtaposed by Tita’s sweet vocals for an overall eclectic sound. Keep an eye out for this amazing EP.

Stream Tita on Spotify now!

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