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TITA's EP "Todo Es Mental" Is Out Now

Indie Pop artist TITA blends a perfect balance of electro-pop, hip-hop, lo-fi, and indie music into her latest EP "Todo Es Mental". It's soft yet serious and wonderfully constructed.

Up-and-coming indie pop singer TITA (Marina Moreno) has just released her anticipated debut EP "Todo Es Mental" (on Cosmica Artists). The EP is TITA's first as a solo artist. With the help of her friend and producer Bumont (Walter Monterroso Beaumont), TITA composed, recorded, and mixed "Todo Es Mental" over several sessions. Each song addresses different topics such as loneliness, melancholy, anxiety, social discontent and love, but in the end, "they're all about our state of mind and how we interpret life situations." - TITA

Earlier this year TITA released "Si Tú Estás Bien" followed by "En Mi Mente" and "Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno." Her work can be found within the Fresh Finds: Latin and LatinX playlist streams but we see her breaking out of that space very soon. Fingers crossed once tours are back up and running we can see her listed next to acts such as The Marias & Omar Apollo.

Check out TITA's Latest Music Video for "Me Quedo Con Lo Bueno" Here

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