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SZA announces release date for album “CTRL”

Highly anticipated debut album from the new female Top Dawg lead.

Top Dawg Entertainment artist SZA, whose label mates include Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul, releases her album “CTRL” Feb. 3 brings us an album that includes personal experiences she has had to deal with in the past. So far we have been able to listen to the first single from her newest studio album “Drew Barrymore” 

In an interview with Billboard she shared, “Being at ­sleep away camp away from my parents, being the only black girl, not even noticing until I got older, dealing with boys, self-hate, growth, and God. It’s the first time I’m literally writing about my life instead of figuratively writing about it.”

Listen to her latest track and also some of her older ones from “Z” to get hyped about this newest edition to the 2017 lineup of expected artists. We are very excited!

"Drew Barrymore"

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