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How To Safely Attend A Drive-In Concert

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Tips & Tricks by Chloe Aviva: @chloeaviva

Feeling the roar of a packed crowd at concerts and festivals are a thing of the past at the moment. In an attempt to preserve the very weak live events industry Drive-In concerts are popping up at various lots, amphitheaters, and drive-ins in Los Angeles. This midcentury retro experience is one of the very few ways fans can attend a live music performance in 2020. Honestly, it would be kinda cool to tell your grandkids you attended a concert during the COVID pandemic. We just want to make sure you have all the tools and resources to do it safely.

We are so excited for this unique supplemental experience you are about to have! Here are some great tips to stay safe and have fun at a drive-in concert.

Step 1: Do your research before buying your ticket.

  • Check if the promoter will be enforcing social distancing.

  • Ask if there will be physical barriers between car spaces if you are allowed to get out of your car.

  • Only attend if mask wearing will be strictly enforced.

Step 2: Get psyched up and prep.

  • Make a cute mask, buy one from a small business, or support your favorite artist by buying their mask merch.

  • Consider getting a COVID-19 test before and after the show if you will be carpooling with friends that you don't live with. Here is a list of Los Angeles testing sites that are quick with testing and results.

  • Bring lots of snacks, water, and yummy non-alcoholic drinks like Kombucha.

  • Bring fun lights, some blankets, beach chairs, and activities like a kendama.

  • Pick a designated driver.

Step 3: Have fun, dance, and wear your mask!

  • Nothing beats the feeling of a live show. Enjoy!

Photo of Chloe Aviva + Boyfriend Jake

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