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Salt Cathedral's New "CAVIAR" Reimagined *in isolation*

Following the release of their debut album CARISMA indie-pop duo Salt Cathedral was gearing up to tour, but COVID-19 had other plans. This new reimagination of their album has now come into fruition and "CAVIAR" is just the first taste.

Photo by: Amber Rana

NYC based duo Salt Cathedral has found ways to flawlessly fuse elements of electronic music, global rhythms, and Caribbean dance culture into all aspects of their work. Nico and Juli are originally from Bogota, Colombia but met in the United States while attending Berklee College of Music and began releasing a series of acclaimed EPs pushing against the pillars of indie rock and Latin music that attracted attention from fans around the world. Their latest album CARISMA exudes sparkling rhythms, synth beats, and bounces between songs in both English and Spanish

The group says of reimaging their album, ''As COVID-19 became a global pandemic and quarantine orders came in, we had to come to terms with the reality of canceling our upcoming shows (sxsw, festivals, record release shows), and the idea of releasing a record that we most probably would not be able to take on tour, at least not in 2020. 

While being isolated in our Brooklyn home, the idea of re-imagining CARISMA came up. We couldn't play it and thought about the concept of playing live and concluded that, in relationship to the record, playing live leads to the act of reinterpreting. Reinterpreting the songs in different ways depending on the city, the people, the venue, and our mood - kind of transforming the songs, their meanings, and our interpretation of them from night to night.

The reality is, we can’t replicate the experience of live reinterpretation but what we can do is reinterpret the songs reacting to isolation; to COVID-19, to the injustices, to the awakening and manifestations - all the things that have come to be in these strange strange 2020 times.

The re-interpretations are pure abstractions of what we’re currently feeling, nothing literal to what’s going on. We wanted to give the songs a chance to be something else. When we play the songs over and over, they start morphing, they mature and we wanted to give them a chance to grow, give CARISMA the opportunity to also be something else. The re-imagination was our way to make this happen.'' - Salt Cathedral

Listen to the newly reimagined track "CAVIAR" out now!

Salt Cathedral also just shared a performance of a reimagined version of their single“Te Quiero Olvidar” from their rooftop. Watch it here.

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