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Rina Sawayama Releases SAWAYAMA

The British-Japanese singer songwriter releases a blended pop album that will give you early 2000's flashbacks.

When we say blended we mean there are serious elements of pop mash ups. "Dynasty" is the Evanescence like vocal introduction to this diverse coupling of songs. Many have resembled Sawayama to other super pop stars but few have quite captured that sound of authenticity quite like Rina. Metal embellishes the track, "STFU!" and "Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)" contains deep house beats that would make any nightclub thump. Sawayama's pop influences have shaped her other other purist pop songs like "Love Me 4 Me'" and "XS".

This dynamic piece of art widens the scope of sound, which Sawayama continues to push. Her inclusion of different elements of the pop spectrum make this an all inclusive moment that evidently pushes her closer to superstardom. She is serving you alt-rock, hyper-pop, heavy metal, and power vocals, and early 2000's nostalgia - what more could you ask for.

Stream her music wherever you can.

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