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Remi Wolf's New EP "I'm Allergic To Dogs!" Will Make You Pant :P

My ears perked, I started sweating, needed a walk... For real though, this is the latest and greatest from Remi Wolf who already captivates listeners with her colorful pop jams and petal nip covers.

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This 5 song EP leaves us wanting more from Remi Wolf. Luckily once you burn through this collection of tracks you can easily transition to other favorites like "Shawty", and "Cheesin' (feat. Cautious Clay & more).

"Woo!" has sparkly xylophone pings against a hard beat that take Remi through what sounds like a broken up house party (I know this because that feels like the first place I would lose my wallet too). "Photo ID", which has already been remixed by The Free Nationals, is a groovy party song with iced out vocal layers that perfectly match the music video dance.

"Ooh baby turn off the light - You’re gonna make my body fry Ooh baby don’t you cry - Shit gets weird when you talk about it"

"Disco Man" slows things down a bit and lets Remi Wolf really let go and reveal her true vocal power. It feels common to think many artists are "original" or "unique in their own way" because they are, but none push the saturation up this high. Once you visualize the creativity behind these songs they are burned into your mind like an acid trip (or at least I can imagine that's what it would feel like - I've never done acid). I don't need to do acid anymore after watching that one episode of Broad City and now these music videos by Remi Wolf. Bet. Anyways, please enjoy this music and this excerpt from Remi Wolf about her inspiration behind "Photo ID" aka my favorite song.

I wrote '"Photo ID" during a week that all I was listening to was Hall & Oates and Talking Heads. I was really inspired by Daryl Hall's big melodies and the funky strangeness of David Byrne. Also, that week I had lost my keys, gone to the DMV to get a new drivers license, and was in a strange mental state about some of my personal relationships so the lyrics are all just a culmination of those chaotic thoughts. Full vibe. I think you can hear it in the energy of the vocal that I’m pretty annoyed and confused and weird but also wanna have fun!!! This video is all about letting go, escaping reality a bit, and getting your booty wiggling!

I cant wait to see this video playing in clubs along Santa Monica Blvd.

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