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Omar Apollo Releases New Track "Stayback" + Video

We are all living vicariously through Omar Apollo in his COVID free party world.

In a world untouched by the pandemic Omar Apollo makes his way through a motel party scene during his latest single "Stayback." The track unpacks a queer triangle love situation where the attraction isn't reciprocated and in fact is being diverted towards someone else. Omar wishes he could "just switch bodies" to be with that person but at the end of the day it won't happen. The video shows him making eyes at a guy across the pool area who suddenly finds a girl on his lap. Baffled Omar falls into the pool, gets out, and walks away in a daze. He stumbles into different rooms possibly confronting his past and finally finds himself on his bed. The video ends with the guy from the pool walking in.

While it is hard to imagine the alternative-funk singer songwriter to get anymore sophisticated with his music, "Stayback" is definitely raising the bar for him. This is the latest single since "Imagine U" and the next step on the road to his debut album.

Be sure to check out this video and stream it where ever you get your music.

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