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Nocturnal Wonderland 2019 Day 1

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Day 1 started off at a cool 108 degrees and everyone was still happy.

Top of the hill at Glen Helen

Festivities popped off at 3pm sharp with most festival goers still chillin under the shade and water mist. Thousands of people soon flooded the grounds at Glen Helen and everyone was happy to be there. Outfits were sparkly and minimal with most girls walking around with bejeweled pasties and bikini underwear (tan lines are for lames). Lack of clothing did not stop anyone from living their best life with their partners and friends all bopping to the random beats that came from every direction. The layout of the festival was larger than expected (being that it was our first time) and had a giant hill that flowed into some creatively designed photo opps and chill spaces. Body painting was available at the bottom of the hill and the food and drinks skirted the edges. Main stage was set up with massive LED screens from top to bottom and the DJ stage somewhere in the middle of all the graphics spinning around. Surrounding main stage were some smaller theme stages holding up and coming artists that included some of the few female DJs on the lineup. DJs Hydrah, Ryden & Kendoll were proudly present early in the day & bumped their badass sets in front of an obsessing crowd.

Kendoll on Stage at the Sunken Garden

Insomniac has decided this will be the last NW held at the Glen Helen grounds making this traditional rave even more special. After wandering around like a moth attracted to beats we stumbled across so many fierce looks that somehow overpowered the Euphoria style we thought we were going to see more of. If anything the looks from that show parallel "rave looks", pulling similarities from the face jewels, to sheer materials, fishnets, and confidence. See below for a few examples of what we were talking about. Electricity is really pumped into the air at Nocturnal Wonderland and we can't wait to find more adventures at events like these. Also, support female DJs!

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