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Kid Cudi Headlining ComplexCon 2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Long Beach needs more Cudi and they are gettinnnnn it.

Photo by GQ

The moon man himself is set to headline ComplexCon on Saturday November 2nd, 2019 aka Night 1 of Long Beach's most infamous streetwear conference. Let's be honest though, this is more like a festival than a conference. Since 2016 ComplexCon has take over the LB to bring together fashion, art, food, hip hop, and culture in ways you really only see at places like Chance The Rapper's wedding, New York Fashion Week, and backstage at a Travis Scott show (all via Instagram of course). The beautiful thing about ComplexCon is that the street dream really becomes tangible and suddenly you are amongst your people. You can touch and snap pics of the latest exclusive limited-edition drops, pose in front of a giant Air Force 1 shoe made of plants, and spot Mr. Takashi Murakami eating an impossible burger probably.

The cherry on top comes with the fact that Kid Cudi will hit the stage on Saturday night and that will probably be after a string of so many other amazing music performances. He also just laid out the details of his upcoming album "entergalactic", which apparently is supposed to be everything we love about his music all wrapped up. So... bet it's about to be 12 tracks of humming & we can't wait.

Great, now I am going to order a fresh pair of all white platform AF1s while you get tickets to ComplexCon 2019 before it's too late. See you when Kid Cudi starts humming & sends us all to the moon.

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