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Junior Mesa Celebrates 21st Birthday With New Singles

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

HBD Junior Mesa! "Losing My Grip" and "Creep" mark the artist's first music releases of 2020 plus we get a video self directed by the artist himself.

If you are unfamiliar with Junior, the Bakersfield now Los Angeles based musician is on an upwards trajectory and had it not been for this nasty pandemic he would have been moving through 2020 like a torpedo. He first hit the scene with his debut EP "Peace," which is a refreshing take on the classic sounds of the west coast.

His latest releases are charismatic and upbeat with a refined sound so smooth it’s like soft sand. "Losing My Grip" is a catchy track that reminisces back to the better days and comes with a self directed homemade music video. Junior rides out quarantine alongside his fellow roommates who jam out with him to help pass the time.

In the second single "Creep," he laments an unrequited love and dials up the stalker situation a bit. It's lighthearted and groovy all the same.

Photo By: Sydney Yatco

Check out the latest from Junior Mesa here.

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