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Joy Crookes Is A Jazzy Swoon

New British talent Joy Crookes is adding to her ever growing discography with her latest single “You & Me Song.”

Having taught herself how to play the guitar out of sheer boredom the UK based artist Joy Crookes now finds herself working the scene. Her raspy and deep yet soulful voice culminates into a jazzy swoon, one of which Amy Winehouse would be proud of. She currently sits at the top of every “up and coming artist” list and for good reason. Her latest 2020 releases titled, “You & Me Song” and, “Anyone But Me” are deep tropes that put her lyrics against perfect instrumentals. It is lovely when writers are able to transcend their own lyrical abilities and evolve from writer to poet.

From Bangladeshi and Irish descent, Joy’s main goal is to represent the underrepresented. She makes sure that her identity is thoroughly presented in her visuals and allows her culture and experiences to motivate her. The stories she laces into her lyrics are drawn from personal moments that have shaped her. For example, her South Asian background flickers before you in her photography, fashion, and influence.

Her experience writing “Don’t Let Me Down” came to fruition in 10 minutes. She realized while putting together that song that she finally understood aspects about a past relationship that she had not quite realized before. The depth that comes with the music Joy Crookes creates is remarkable and lasting. Her voice combined with the unique soulful sounds put her in a realm that rivals few. The artist has also announced that she will be putting out her very first album sometime this year.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more work from Joy Crookes and check out her previous releases below.

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