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Here Comes Chromatica #LG6

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The next stage of Lady Gaga's career is here and its called Chromatica.

The highly anticipated dance album of the decade is being brought forth by non other than Lady Gaga. It was only a matter of time before she realized this was her destiny. A dance album from Gaga will fill the clubs morning and night for the next couple of years and the only thing stopping us from completely bugging out to "Stupid Love" or "Rain on Me" in West Hollywood is that drat COVID-19. Until then we will be manifesting our futures where we are all out and about dancing endlessly to this new discography. To catch you up to speed, here are our thoughts on the two latest singles to come from Chromatica as well as a Dance playlist curated by Spotify, which really gets us hyped about what this album will really be like.

Stupid Love

The first smash to come from this new era. "Stupid Love" is at first reminiscent of The Fame, which was the first iconic album to come from the Haus of Gaga. It has those same pulsing bass beats that you easily envision hitting you in a New York nightclub. You quickly realize that this a much more refined Gaga simply doing what she has done from the beginning. The lyrics are straightforward and beautiful. This song is unapologetically Gaga.

Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande)

The third female duo to hit the top of the Billboard charts after Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj's Say So Remix and Megan The Stallion & Beyoncé's Savage Remix. Its like if you put them all together in one room you would have instant world peace. We were not disappointed because this record instantly made us all wet even though some of us live in Los Angeles and its consistently 80 degrees outside. It starts off as a sing-a-long and ends in a perfectly choreographed chorus. Dance influences remain consistent and ties back into "Stupid Love" flawlessly. Ariana Grande is an angel and purifies the verses with her voice. This song is definitely being logged in 2020's history books alongside COVID-19 and Tiktok.

Spotify's Chromatica Inspired Playlist

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