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Georgia Anne Muldrow Releases New Jyoti Album "Mama, You Can Bet!"

Multifaceted Jazz queen Georgia Anne Muldrow has gifted the world Mama, You Can Bet! and we are thankful.

Georgia Anne Muldrow not only creates jazz music - she’s lived it since birth. Her father, Ronald Muldrow, played alongside Eddie Harris while her mother, Rickie Byars, performed as lead singer of Roland Hanna’s New York Jazz Quartet and Pharoah Sanders Ensemble. Following in her parents’ footsteps, she has collaborated with famed musicians including Robert Glasper, Adrian Younge, Ambrose Akinmursire, Justin Brown's Nyeusi, and Keyon Harrold.

Jyoti is a name bestowed upon her by the late great Alice Coltrane and cements the yin yang aspect of this latest piece of work. Her most recent solo album Overload - released on Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder - earned her a 2020 Grammy nomination and landed on year-end lists for Pitchfork, Bandcamp, and The A.V. Club. 2019 saw Georgia perform at numerous Jazz Festivals around the globe

Mama, You Can Bet! was announced in May and accompanied the release of the lead single "This Walk". The song acknowledges how “violence can both ignite and snuff out a voice” which hits a note with the current social climate across the country. This timeless masterpiece will fill the void of culture and expression you may be experiencing.


  1. Mama, You Can Bet!

  2. Bop For Aneho

  3. Zane, The Scribe

  4. Our Joy (Mercedes)

  5. Ra’s Noise (Thukumbado) ft. Lakecia Benjamin

  6. Bemoanable Lady Geemix

  7. Orgone

  8. Skippin And Trippin

  9. Swing, Kirikou, Swing!

  10. Quarrys, Queries

  11. Ancestral Duckets

  12. Hard Bap Duke

  13. This Walk

  14. Fabus Foo Geemix

  15. The Cowrie Waltz

Stream Mama, You Can Bet! here.

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