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Geneva Jacuzzi Set To Reissue 2010 Debut Album “Lamaze”

The Los Angeles based pioneer of synthy bedroom pop Geneva Jacuzzi is back with a reissue of her 2010 debut Lamaze.

Photo by Jennifer Jupiter Stratford

The underground scenes of Hollywood and Los Angeles would be nothing without the lo-fi bedroom pop artist Geneva Jacuzzi. Her influences reach beyond classical pop and pour out into the world of noise, visual art, and fashion. Since the release of her very first album Lamaze the artist has gone one to direct and produce her own music videos, present art installations in famous institutions such as MOCA, The Broad Museum, Vooruit, and more. She is a bag full of tricks. Her music is entirely reflective of that.

On February 26, 2021, her label Mexican Summer will reissue Lamaze, Geneva's 2010 debut—a full-length pressing of analog 4-track and 8-track recordings that document the development of her musical style: from her first appearance in 2004 up to 2009.

She has quoted on her Instagram:

“This is my first album. My baby. Originally released in 2010. There were only a limited number pressed and aside from the videos online, it has completely vanished from all streaming platforms and I’ve been getting so many messages over the years from fans asking me to reissue it. Why have I locked it away in the vault for so long? Well...It’s a long and complicated story and I’ll probably get into that later. But for now, I’m so proud to present it to the world again… and considering that the world is exploding, I can't think of a better time to escape into some cool non-dimensional dream fuzzy mythic alien dance crud sentient mime-scape machine post apocalyptic bizarro pop music.”

The collection is venerated as canon among her devotees and has become a coveted relic among fans and collectors of pop artifacts and rarities. The recordings from this period are largely electronic pop songs that are typical minimalist constructions with dance floor tempos that trot around at about 100 BPM.

Be sure to check out the reissue now on Mexican Summer

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