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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

A letter & playlist by Bria Dunlap

I found myself crafting this playlist to help me understand my emotions surrounding the events of George Floyd’s murder, and subsequently and what feels like the United States reaching its boiling point.

I’m caught somewhere in the middle of it all. Being Black, queer and female in the midst of all this, my priority right now is myself and the self preservation and wellbeing of my Black brothers and sisters, and the allies fighting on the front lines.

I crafted this as not only an expression of the frustrations Black people feel living as 3rd (yes, 3rd) class citizens in a country they built, but to highlight our resilience. Every track serves as a reminder of just how gifted we have to be to take our collective trauma and turn it into sounds that both soothe and move the masses.

May this playlist remind the allies of the sacrifices that come with change, and remind all my Black people that our existence is resistance.

- Bria @bdnlp

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