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Flo Milli Releases "Ho, why is you here" Mixtape

"Bitch, I'm from Alabama"

She literally broke the internet with this mixtape drop. Yet another collection of bangers from an artist brave enough to release their music during a pandemic. Fans all over the world got to enjoy this drop on Friday, which has already receive rave reviews and reposting all over social media. Check this track list out for yourself and take a listen. You won't regret it.

  1. Mood Everyday (Intro)

  2. Beef FloMix

  3. Like That Bitch

  4. In The Party

  5. Pockets Bigger

  6. Weak

  7. Send The Addy

  8. 19

  9. May I

  10. Pussycat Doll

  11. Not Friendly

  12. Scuse Me

Listen to Flo Milli's Mixtape Here

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