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Bop Artist: Remi Wolf

Artist Name: Remi Wolf

Genre: Pop / Electric / Funk

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @remiwolf

Bio: I think if Broad City had a music baby it would be Remi Wolf. Her sound comes at you in colorful pop funk waves and she has the voice of an angel. With all colors of the spectrum represented not only visually but somehow audibly, Remi Wolf takes fun and sincere emotions and emits them like the sun. Being born in California tends to do that to you sometimes. After touring with Still Woozy and Cautious Clay, Remi wrapped up a six track EP called You're A Dog! which is amazing and has also come into 2020 very strong. Singles like Photo ID (which got remixed by the Free Nationals woo!) and Cheesin' (feat. Cautious Clay, sophie meiers, Still Woozy, Claud, Melanie Faye, & HXNS) are truly summertime hits. Keep an eye out for this rising star.

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