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Bop Artist: Normani

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Artist Name: Normani

Genre: R&B

Hometown: Houston, TX

Instagram: @Normani

Bio: Normani will have your pony tail snatched real quick with her new music. Coming off the heels of Fifth Harmony & one very long Ariana Grande tour, this queen is ready to go. The Houston based R&B singer is making moves with breakout singles like "Motivation" & "Dancing With A Stranger". She has collaborated with some of the biggest musicians and is already one of the top streamed artist on Spotify. Her "Motivation" video set Twitter on fire as soon as she booty bopped that basketball straight into a fawning guy's chest. Her acrobatic antics literally keep you on your toes and gets you contemplating if you too can do a back walk over into a switch split (you can't). Can't wait to update this bio with more exciting achievements from this 23 year old pop star.

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