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Bop Artist: Kim Petras

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Artist Name: Kim Petras

Genre: Pop

Hometown: Germany / Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @kimpetras

Bio: One reason why Kim Petras is going to be one of the most influential pop stars in the world is because she writes her own songs and she has a lot to say. German born Los Angele transplant, baby Kim Petras knew she needed to be a star. She waited tables and saved up enough to get her through long studio writing sessions until she hit her mark and signed her first deal. She used the money from her first song writing deal to start recording her own work. Thank god because the world would be at a deficit without her lyrics. Identity is everything when it comes to pop music and Kim Petras owns her's completely. Being a strong transgender representation in the music community is one of her fortunes and she truly has made her mark. After listening to singles like "Heart To Break" and "Hillside Boys" you will understand why she is thee one to watch.

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