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BLACKPINK Breaks YouTube Records

Blinks set multiple records with their latest single "How You Like That". The music video currently sits at 166 Million views since its premiere on June 26th.

With 86.3 million views in the first day of release, 'How You Like That' has achieved new records for: 

- Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours

- Most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours

- Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group

YouTube also confirmed to Guinness World Records that the live premiere of "How You Like That" reached 1.66 million concurrent viewers, setting two new record titles for: 

- Most viewers for the premiere of a video on YouTube

- Most viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube

Recently they made a comeback to the charts alongside Lady Gaga on her Chromatica track "Sour Candy" representing their label YG Entertainment. Most classically known for their songs "DDU-DU-DDU-DU" and "BOOMBAYAH" off their first album BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA, these ladies have solidified their place on the pop charts. After crushing ticket sales from their last US tour they have secured their place amongst pop greats. U.S. outlets are still hesitant to acknowledge them in mainstream genres and still consider them "Global" however, they currently sit at the top of the charts on the US Top 50 Spotify list.

BLACKPINK will be one of the most famous girl groups in Pop history.

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