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Ariana Grande Announces Deluxe Edition of "Positions"

The pop star took to Twitter to wish us all a happy February and also to hint at four news songs to be featured on "Positions (Deluxe)."

Earlier today we got a tweet from Ariana Grande wishing fans a "happy february" right above three photos hinting at a deluxe album of her latest release positions. Behold.

The photos included some new tracks (in very small text currently hidden behind some scratches) as well as her latest remix of "34+35 (feat. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion)."

Nevertheless, we can assume that there will be some really great music coming our way. With some of her most iconic features to date, positions is just another stream of perfection from the Ariana camp. The artist has been working hard to keep her fans fulfilled during the pandemic, which halted the entire live music industry. Her Netflix special "Excuse Me, I Love You" was a live taping of her Sweetener World Tour stop in London, UK. The pop star gave fans an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of her personal moments and rehearsals while she was getting ready for her aesthetically titillating tour.

She has also surprised us all with a gorgeous engagement to real estate runner Dalton Gomez. So while things may have slowed down a bit she is not stopping. Ariana Grande really deserves all her flowers. We are beyond excited to hear the Deluxe version of Positions.

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