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Abigail Ory Announces New EP "Don't Mind Me" + Releases A New Video

Self-described as "weird-pop" Abigail Ory pushes the box folds of the genre wide open with her latest single "Waves".

Boston based singer/songwriter Abigail Ory has brought a powerful new single to life. "Waves" encases a bouncy rock beat that ties into the vocal patterns of a pop song, which is the perfect chemical balance. The clash of the genres in the form of this particular single is a great representation of how her mind works. She strives to create music that no one has ever heard before and is working towards her first EP release. Don't Mind Me EP will be the follow up to "Waves" which is the perfect sample of what is to come.

Check out the music video that accompanies this single and be sure to keep your eye out for more releases from Abigail Ory.

Stream "Waves" here

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