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A$AP Twelvyy & Sam Silver Blend Genres on "New Beginnings"

Mob Member A$AP Twelvyy is out now with a new track produced by Sam Silver.

The latest track "New Beginnings" from A$AP Twelvyy is an expansive mix of genres that the rapper and 17-year old producer found time to create during quarantimes. Sam Silver found a perfect blend of hip hop & electronic music that also allows A$AP Twelvyy the space to perform at completely different levels on the track. The song flips you upside-down and makes you physically feel the change of pace the rapper sets while also sharing a heartfelt message.

Quarantine has birthed yet another solid bop for the rapper and producer to add to their collection. "S.N.L." (Satellites and Limousines) & "Trinity (5g20)" are also some of the more recent releases set to be featured on A$AP Twelvyy's next album Noon Yung. His latest EP Before Noon may also be a nice preview to the main event. During Sam’s time at home, he has been pushing out release after release with various rappers. Sam's track “Six” with Lil Toe has reached over 180k streams on Spotify and his last release, "Happy Depression" with Henry AZ has reached over 140k streams in just a few weeks.

Check out the two artists on Instagram cooking up "New Beginnings" below.

Check out A$AP Twelvyy & Sam Silver wherever you stream your music.


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