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A$AP Twelvyy Releases “Little After Sunset”

A$AP Twelvyy is back with another track that will put you on vacation mode instantly.

The latest track from A$AP Twelvyy titled “Little After Sunset” features lines from rapper PineappleCITI and production work from Sam Silver. The trio gets to work instantly on this track and makes you feel like your walking through a beachfront resort at twilight. A$AP Twelvyy explores the back and forth emotions of breakups and makeups in these lyrics and is quick to catch the listener’s empathy.

PineappleCITI’s verse comes in nice and soft but picks up speed and really brings the whole track together. Her past work includes writing for artists such as Kelly Rowland, Yo Gotti, and Twista. The young Sam Silver’s beats are trappy yet fresh and somehow he finds a clean way to inject a tropical vibe throughout the entire song. His past tracks “Happy Depression” and “Six” have cumulatively reached over 500k streams on Spotify.

Be sure to check out the track “Little After Sunset” to hear what we are talking about.

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