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Zendaya Just Got Her First Emmy Nomination For Euphoria

This is a Zendaya stan account.

The 23 year old actress is now Emmy nominated. Zendaya just snagged her first Emmy nomination this morning for the HBO hit series Euphoria, in which she plays the main character Rue, who is a high school student battling a debilitating drug addiction.

In the best-actress-in-a-drama category, Zendaya is going up against Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show), Laura Linney (Ozark), Olivia Colman (The Crown), Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve).

Euphoria was a serious game changer for the actress who along with a group of other amazingly talented actors broke out onto the scene. The show covers serious topics of drug addiction, sexual/physical assault, transphobia, and body dysmorphia all swirling around the lives of several high school age kids who are desperately trying to come up for air the entire show.

The makeup design and the moody translucent lighting gave it a vibe never before seen on television. However, what really sealed this an an obvious Emmy nomination for Zendaya were these few stand out scenes that left you either heartbroken or laughing hysterically.

In one episode she is left at the door of her drug dealer begging him to fix her up. When he refuses she starts pounding at the door like a mad woman blaming him for making her an addict. She shouts "you did this to me!" over and over until the scene cuts.

Her stint as detective Bennett could hold its own as a spin off.

Lastly her walk through the hallway will either be a nightmare I never forget or a day dream I always think about - haven't decided yet.

Follow along for more updates on Euphoria related content or just content in general about Zendaya because this is what - A ZENDAYA STAN ACCOUNT.

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