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Tommy Newport Give Us “Ultra Mango” EP

This sweet summertime EP is the perfect selection of songs to quench your thirst.

Manchester, UK native indie-pop artist Tommy Newport has announced a new six-track EP titled Ultra Mango. He has managed to mix a great variety of sounds that range from high-fidelity grunge vibes to bouncy and electrifying beats. Songs like "Sweetener" and "Yellow Lines" are heavier and have darker tones in contrast with the title-track “Ultra Mango,” which is purely an upbeat dance track. Newport shares,

“I love throwing curve balls on projects and not having each song sound similar.”

You can feel the youthfulness and energy in all six tracks of Ultra Mango as well as the cover art. Newport hoped to capture naivety and happiness with the quirky yet beautiful blurry eyes. Everything about this project is colorful perfectly compliments the themes of youth and inner-consciousness. Newport also takes inspiration from early 2000’s classic anthems and gives them his own modern-day spin. Producer 4th Pyramid explains,

“The idea here was to take that DIY basement nostalgia feel and make records that knock as hard as today's biggest smashes. We've been able to carve out our own planet with Ultra Mango.”

Be sure to check out Tommy Newport’s EP Ultra Mango below.

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