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Today Is #BlackOutDay2020 - An Economic Boycott

We are here to celebrate #BlackOutDay2020, which really should be a year long practice for your wallet.

#BlackOutDay was originally started in 2015 by three Tumblr users - Mars Sebastian, T’von Green, and Nukirk. The goal is to urge people to spend their money on black-owned companies in order to uplift Black Capitalism. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to support companies owned by minorities. This 24-hour digital celebration of Blackness using photos to showcase the community’s beauty, pride, and history. According to CNBC, Black women are starting businesses at the fastest clip of any racial group, according to research by American Express. Since 2007, the number of firms owned by African-American women has grown by 164%. However, despite the hustle, minority women are being shut out when it comes to access to capital. We now have the knowledge and data at hand to help make an impact.

Complex took the initiative to promote this message across its social platforms and thanks to many friend recommendations and this amazing page by @black.owned.everthing here are a few of the thousands of amazing brands we love that deserve your support.

This amazing skateboarding company promotes the best thing in the world - girls skateboarding. They even have amazing apparel on their site that will complete the look you want and the look you need.

DOSSIER - (sounds like Glossier) is made for the sustainable & ethical badass babe. Their old English font is perfect for spreading across your clothes and makes you look super fucking cool. Here is a beautiful handbag you won't find anywhere else.

These sick accessories will be something you will always get compliments for. They have been featured on iconic sites like and ShopEssence. Literally, these will make your eyes sparkle. Check them out.

This NYC based jewelry company celebrates women and diversity. No more feeling weird about buying jewelry from a questionable influencer that may or may not come with a broken chain. These pendants, chains, rings, and earrings are delicate yet call for a statement.

This product is heaven-sent. It should be in the bible somewhere that thou shalt not leave the house without sunscreen period. For so long sunscreen companies have neglected people with melanin thus creating a stigma that people with dark skin don't need SPF protection. I could cry from that being so untrue. BGS knows this and is here to change that stigma. What makes this product even more amazing is that it is made with natural ingredients, is cruelty-free, and vegan. Wear this sunscreen!

If you peep their Instagram bio one thing you might notice is that these delectable and affordable jewelry pieces are Beyonce approved. They add color and style to your current collection and will make you feel amazing instantly. They even sell these amazing hair pendants that spell out "Babe" in rainbow colors. They are professional and artistic in all the right ways.

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