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T3TRA Gets Naked with "Blue"

T3TRA's back to talk about the not so innocent parts of meeting someone new.

Nor-Cal based pop artist T3TRA is back with a new single “Blue” to elaborate on all the good things about being young & in lust.

The 26-year-old force blends youthful lyrics reminiscent of pre-COVID times with electronic elements and her dreamy lyrics to paint a picture of what it is to experience intense, invasive attraction.

“This is a song about sex, and purely sex. And lesbianism. Can't forget that,” T3TRA says while discussing “Blue.” “I write songs about the things nobody and everybody likes to talk about.”

“A few years back at a music convention, I started a fling with someone much older than me,” she said. “We lived in different towns and never talked, but we always met up each year at the convention and secretly hooked up. Blue is about the physicality and scandal of those encounters. There aren’t feelings, there are no emotions. It’s just pure physical attraction.”

Listening to the lyrics, I revisited the idea of hiding or keeping something “under wraps” as a concept and reality that queer people around the globe have to face on a day-to-day basis.

Being unapologetic about her queerness is what makes “Blue” special.

Although Western society, in general, has a long way to go for equity and showing up for the queer community, for some around the globe, our queer siblings remain something hidden for the sake of their safety. T3TRA’s lyrics serve as a form of escapism, putting on the rose-tinted glasses that come with the fun and freedom of an innocent, gay-ass fling.

“Blue” is accompanied by visuals highlighting femme queer love around the globe. Not traumatic, complicated, lukewarm situations, just moments of tenderness and affection - the little things that make meeting someone new worthwhile.

Stream “Blue” now and keep up with T3TRA on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.

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