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Seeing Colour With Katzù Oso

The 80's are alive with Katzù Oso's latest EP "Colour".

LA based Latinx solo artist Katzù Oso has found a way to bring back the light and sound of one of the most monochromatic decades in history. This six track EP grabs your hand and takes you through a journey of love and each synth beat acts as one of cupid's arrows. This love story comes from the perspective of a young hispanic living and moving his way through Los Angeles. Speaking from experience, the sounds and colors of the City of Angels are a great inspiration to draw from. The songs from this album make you daydream of colorful sarapes in the backseat, blasting 80's music on Saturday mornings, and carne asada bbq's under avocado trees.

“Similar to the cover art ,'Colour' represents different stories/life experiences, from falling in love while working my day job to going back to the house I grew up in. It’s a reminder to me that life isn’t just black or white but an array of Colour.” 
- Katzù Oso (Paul Hernandez) 

"In Too Deep" kicks off the EP and provides a song that some how manages to mesh a Tame Impala Coachella set with visuals of a kid on the street holding a giant boombox while sporting Adidas and short shorts.

Previously released single "kiss u better" defines the bedroom pop genre and fills you with happiness and dance moves. It is the perfect song to blast driving down the 60 freeway on your way to downtown LA, providing an almost soundtrack like scene to your ride.

The last track on the EP (inspired by the show "Narcos") switches to a Spanish dream. The backing mariachi music and rhythmic beat trigger a knee jerk reaction to get up and dance and leave you wanting more from the sub 2 min cap.

Overall the entire EP shoots through you like a rainbow, virtually moving you through space and time. It's so beautiful seeing this level of talent come from the East side of LA. Katzù Oso is carving out his space in the music industry and filling it with love and synth beats, which are basically synonymous.

Check out the six track EP here and be sure to keep an eye on what comes next from Katzù Oso.

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