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Sam Smith Releases His Cover of "Fix You" By Coldplay

Emotional doesn't even begin to describe what this song will make you feel when you press play.

Photo By: Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times

After performing this cover on iHeartRadio's Living Room Series in May, the live recorded was finally released on July 5th. While sitting at home during COVID-19, Sam Smith had been digging into lost classics and came across this gospel-like track from Coldplay's discography.

"I love this song, and as soon as I heard it I was just reminded again of how much of a classic it is," - Sam Smith

Having recently been singing a lot of songs that aren't their own, Smith is finding new connections to older songs again. Unfortunately, like many other artists, Smith has had to push back an album release for their upcoming album To Die For, which has yet to be rescheduled. Smith did mention it was still due later this year so we are definitely keeping our eyes and ears out for that release but in the meantime, we are hanging tight with "Fix You" and his single with Demi Lovato "I'm Ready".

Listen to the song and see Smith's tweet below.

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