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Rostam Releases New Video “Unfold You” Starring Hari Nef

Producer and singer Rostam shares a brand new track “Unfold You,” alongside a music video featuring actress Hari Nef.

Rostam’s first release of 2020, “Unfold You” comes after his work producing highly acclaimed albums for HAIM (this year’s Women in Music Pt. III) and Clairo (2019’s Immunity). Both albums are very special and the list of Rostam’s accolades does not end there. When producers with so much talent take the time to put out their own bodies of work the surprises are endless. This beautiful single will bring you peace and solace. The instrumentals are out of this world and really provides a moment for the listener to feel free.

Having been influenced by a single back in 2017 created by Nick Hakim called “Papas Fritas,” Rostam found himself suddenly singing a melody over the instrumentals into his voice memos. Since then he had found himself continuously coming back to it.

“When I returned from a North American tour in February 2018 I booked some days at my favorite Vox Studios in Hollywood. That’s where I first met Henry Solomon, who came in to play sax on “Unfold You.” I had written out some sax lines for a few sections of the song, but others we arranged together in the studio. I wasn’t exactly sure where “Unfold You” would land. I hadn’t finished writing the song, but I continued building out the track with Nick’s “Papas Fritas” as its backbone. I decided I’d let the recording process take me where it would. A year later, I’d ask him to come back to Vox and record some sax lines I sketched out for the song “Summer Girl,” which I was producing for Haim. Henry can also be found playing himself in PTA’s video for the song.”

“Unfold You” was a single that took years to bring together just because of the tracks evolution. It represented the change that Rostam was searching for musically and a lot of that can be found in the upcoming album.

“In the summer of 2016, I was sitting on a park bench on Commercial street in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I found myself in conversation with a stranger who left me with a piece of advice that has stuck with me.

“Change is good,” he said, “Go with it.”

The single also comes with a music video featuring Hari Nef, an actress who happened to be at the right place at the right time. The two find themselves wandering through white sand dunes at sunset mirroring their strides in a dreamy artistic fashion.

“Hari and I found ourselves in the same quarantine pod in Massachusetts this past July. We also found we had a bunch in common, having gone to the same college nine years apart. The video was shot on the Dune Shacks Trail during the last several days of the trip.”

Be sure to stream “Unfold You” here and check out the music video featuring Rostam & Hari Nef.

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