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Pink Sweat$ Brings Down The Glass House

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Thursday night in Pomona's Art District was poppin' as fans (mostly young & cute) filled The Glass House in anticipation of the Pink Beginnings tour.

Up and coming R&B singer Pink Sweat$ - nicknamed after well... his outfits, is paving his path in the music business alongside artists like Tierra Whack, Omar Apollo, & UMI. His balanced and soothing acoustic songs will force you to day dream about love, glitter, and soft textures. Is that a weird way to explain how his music sounds? Probably - but it doesn't matter. Soon after finding my way through the crowd and really observing it, I realized how diverse Pink's fans are. The spectrum starts at young girls probably no older than fifteen and ranges to include hypebeast styled guys holding beers (I myself sit in the middle of that spectrum because I also look fifteen but I can hold beer). Around the back young couples held each other and swayed while listening to the ambient music playing before the opening set. Literally everywhere I looked girls were wearing pink sweat pants because it really does look cute paired with tank tops and hoop earrings.

Lights dimmed and PJ (@justpeej) took the stage lookin' all vibrant n' shit in her yellow jacket and platform Dr Martens. She worked the stage and crowd - getting them to chant with her and even sing along. Her music is light and playful in tone and would sound really great up in the club. Possibly even on the next season of Insecure?? Imagine! I can definitely imagine her single "One Missed Call" being scored into that amazing show.

Shortly after PJ's set Pink's band took the stage and consisted of a really bad ass looking girl on guitar and the drummer.

In proper fashion - Pink came out in his uniform and started the party. He was amplified and bold, which threw me because I am so used to listening to him through my headphones at work to relax. I guess everything is more hyped when it's live because he was really a party. Very soon into his set he was inviting girls from the crowd on stage to dance and sing - yes sing. The Glass House is now home to Pomona's Got Talent - hosted by Pink Sweat$ and there were definitely multiple winners. One girl even belted a Daniel Caesar cover, both appropriate for the crowd and amazing.

He then went on to share a new single called "Wreck Ya" and ended his set with more of his popular ballads like "Body Aint Me" - oh and then also a drum solo.

Having come across his music fairly recently thanks to A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal, I really do see him hitting the charts in the very near future. He is well on his way up and I really think the more appearances, festivals, and mainstream events he does will be the money moves he needs. Overall, I do not at all regret driving my ass to Pomona on a Thursday night because the show was truly amazing and I was really happy to witness Pink's talent in person. Don't miss your chance.

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