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Payday Releases ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’ And It’s Wild

But in a good way.

The way I like to imaging the emergence of Payday is similar to how the Powder Puff Girls were created but just with a little bit more spice. She truly is the hero that is coming to save your city. I mean she had some big-time “professors” putting in some work on this record. Her support includes production from heavyweights SickDrumz, Andy M from Death Grips, Wilie Tafa, Peter Lalich, and Nick “Unknown Nick” Audino. How does one come to name their EPs P.U.K.E. Tapes you ask? Payday explains,

“I do so many different things…I’ll make a poppier song, or I’ll go in and really spit, or I’ll get depressed. It’s literally like puke, so I made this acronym with a deeper meaning: Payday’s Unbelievably Killer EP. It’s a random assortment of songs…like word vomit.”

‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’ is the latest addition to her EP series which started in the summer of 2020 to compliment her debut album “It’s Just Music.” Also out now is the official music video for the EP’s focus track, “Cry,” that explores the “toxic masculinity” men tend to omit when they are braced with keeping their emotions bottled up. Payday shares,

“Men/boys pretending to like traditionally manly things just because it’s the norm feeds into toxic masculinity and can be super harmful. That’s what the song and video shows—crying isn’t a sign of weakness.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Payday. With inspirations from Tyler, The Creator, Lil Uzi, OutKast, and Kanye to Charlie XCX, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance, Payday is a welcomed and refreshing genre-defying voice for her generation. With more P.U.K.E. and other projects on deck, Payday consistently inches closer to making this ambition a reality. We are completely excited to see what the future holds for this amazing artist.

Be sure to check out ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’ and the rest of the discography from Payday below.

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