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Patrick Paige II (Of The Internet) Announces Solo EP

Patrick Paige II announces If I Fail Are We Still Cool? while also sharing a new video for “Whisper (Want My Luv)” ft. Steve Lacy, Durand Bernarr, and Allen Love.

Coming off his previous single “So They Say” Paige is back with an important announcement. His upcoming solo EP will be dropping on May 21st via Fat Possum Records. His latest single “Whisper” entwines a funky bassline with deep lyrical elements that feel like whispers. Patrick and his collaborators tap into all their tricks (rapping, singing, cracking jokes) to get a girl’s attention. They take their time, letting their charms slowly work their magic to create the warm, inviting atmosphere they know you came for.

The video for “Whisper” opens with the group jet setting into the ’70s while hanging out and enjoying their views and the company of the stewardess. The video a flashy jewel-colored dream and really shows that the fun is in the journey, not the destination. The high life and the risks of falling are trends that run throughout the EP. They ultimately are an ode to Patrick’s climb in the music business.

“Try to count my blessings / I just count mistakes” he raps, acutely aware that the higher you go the further you can fall.

Going back to his time in The Internet, Paige II played a major role in curating the sounds of the 2010s. Alongside Lacy, his bass lines on albums like Ego Death (2015) and Hive Mind (2018) were widely renowned in shaping a new sound that would go on to influence the next generation. His solo work also includes Letters of Irrelevance (2018) where he forged his own basslines and vocals.

“I never trusted myself to write hooks, but once I wrote that, it was like,‘ oh shit, I can do this - I'm done pretending like I can't,”

Now, with If I Fail Are We Still Cool?, Patrick sets out to prove his detractors, including himself, dead wrong. Be sure to stream his latest single “Whispers” and check out the awesome music video. The full EP If I Fail Are We Still Cool? is out May 21st.

Stream all of Patrick Paige II's track below and check out the groovy music video for "Whispers" here.

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