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Mac Miller's Spotify Singles

I do this, I always do this. An amazing talent will pass and I dive head first into the archives. I become intrigued with the talent and wonder why I did not understand the work sooner. I start to learn so much more when everyone comes together to talk about their lives. Amy Winehouse's Biopic "AMY" blew my mind. Her music made so much more sense to me after I took the time to learn about her life (I was in middle school when she passed) so I was definitely playing with my tamagotchis in the car while Rehab played on the radio. Now I can't get enough of Back to Black - it's like, inject this album into my veins.

Mac Miller passed and suddenly I was listening to his Rolling Stone podcast, watching his FADER documentary, reading article after article, and of course listening to his music. Understanding how he changed and how like a chameleon - he inverted from a fried rap star to passionate piano player/singer. These newest singles on Spotify give more color to his story. They are beautiful in the way that they aren't rushed. They reflect so much carefree time, like it all kinda pours out of him in the song. Now it "Dunno" sits at the top of my November playlist and "Nothing from Nothing" hangs at the end.

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