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Lost Cat: The Rock & Roll Girl Group Of Your Dreams

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In our latest feature, rock group Lost Cat talks influences, love at first jam, and their Self-titled EP out now!

The underground Rock & Roll scene in SoCal has never been more fierce. Lost Cat, which currently consists of Angie, Kiki, and Lucy, were busy making their rounds at local backyards and bars in the LA / OC / & Riverside area before nasty COVID-19 hit. However, they've stayed busy during quarantine and now come to you with a new self-titled EP out now! Add the rare pink 7" vinyl by Lost Cat to your collection before they're all out.

Their delectable rock and roll sound is best paired with a cheetah print barre, winged eyeliner, and a willingness to thrash. We are really excited to present some interesting Q&A from the ladies of Lost Cat. See below for some exciting insights and updates from the band!


I would love to get some introductions for the readers. Can we do a quick “round the room” and can you ladies introduce yourselves and share what instrument you all play?

I’m Kiki and I play guitar... sometimes I play the fool

I’m Angie and I play, uh bass

Lucy is our drummer

Part of me wants to assume you are all from the Los Angeles or Orange County area but is there one city, in particular, you all are representing?

We rep it alll baybeeee

What kind of music did you all grow up listening to?

Kiki: Nothing I was really crazy about until my best friend's older sister showed me The

Cure... Robert Smith was the gateway.

Angie: Mostly Spanish music, a lot of 60's Spanish rock from my grandma haha.

How did you all meet and decide it was time to form a band?

Kiki: It was love at first jam ... Once upon a time, Lost Cat was a jam band that would drink

wine and not take anything too seriously. It was a glorified girl's night. When I met Angie

and found out she played bass, I asked her to come jam and she actually learned some songs and wrote too! Once she joined, it was a really big wake up call that this could actually be something. Although the band was really fun and very hard to step away from, we both knew we had to cut ties and get ourselves another serious bandmate if we were really gonna get anywhere.

Finally, after a couple of painfully unsuccessful jams with drummers, Angie tells me she met this cool girl with pink hair and she was going to ask her to jam... that’s when Lucy came into the picture and it was honestly the most amazing connection between the three of us. Not only did we get along and have a lot of the same influences (like influences we actually vibe with and listen to on the regular) but the jamistry was ON SOME ETHEREAL TYPE SHIT.

Who came up with the band name Lost Cat & what does it symbolize? I hope no one really lost their cat.

Kiki came up with the name.. and it means whatever you think it means or doesn’t mean.

Like any genre, rock is such a spectrum. How would you best describe your sound?

Our sound is best described as rock n roll at its purest form, we’re constantly learning and writing.

Are there any iconic groups or figures in which you all draw your inspiration from?

Link Wray, Ramones, Beatles, girl groups...we draw inspiration from a lot of those.

How has the music scene in Southern California impacted your life? Any cherished memories you can share from some of the best shows you’ve all played?

Angie: The music scene has been so awesome and supportive. Our favorite memories are of shows we’ve played in backyards!

Kiki: Hands down backyard shows.. bars have the tendency to be a little stiff.

It’s wild to think a virus brought the entire music industry to a standstill but has this downtime given you all a chance to work on any new music? What can you share about any new Lost Cat projects and plans post coronavirus?

Ooohhh do we have things cookin'!

We’ve kept ourselves pretty busy this quarantine. We have a lot of new material coming out! We’ve definitely grown and have had the chance to write a lot more.

Change is in the air. For the first time in a long time, we can see change and progress happening every day stemming from the Black Lives Matter movement. What are your reactions to how the music industry has responded? Where do you hope the industry will be in 2021?

We hope people can take their heads out of the sand and do their own research.

“Think for yourself, cause I won’t be there with yoOouu” - The Beatles

Where do you all hope to be in 2021?

In 2021 we hope to be in Tokyo! Hopefully traveling and getting to know more people!

That's awesome. Its been super lovely to have chatted with you all! Any closing remarks you would like to share before we wrap this bby up?

Final Words: Thank you for having us! Be sure to pick up our debut 7" Vinyl! Available on outro records!

Interested in more from Lost Cat?

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