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Julian Skiboat’s “Flowers” Track Is Perfect For Your “2 AM” Playlist

This dream-pop sad boi has talent radiating from his tracks.

Julian Skiboat is a 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist hailing from San Antonio, TX. Every word of his lyrics feels intentional and emotional and they pair perfectly with his hazy guitar notes and 808 slaps drizzled throughout his music. His latest single “Flowers” hit just in time for a pandemic tainted Valentine’s Day weekend. He narrates a scenario of love experiencing actual growing pains. This deep and raspy track is just shy of two and a half minutes but we wish it was longer. Even after the trials and tribulations of teen love, sometimes it’s shocking to still find yourself running through these long-drawn-out relationships.

“I stopped giving flowers to you / but I still feel in love / haven’t felt myself / its obvious I’m fucking up”

Julian started out as a songwriter when he was 18 and even played drums for local pop-punk bands in his hometown. His debut EP nice to meet u, has now accumulated over one million streams to date. This new string of singles symbolizes the growth the artist is experiencing and he is opening himself up to a wider range of topics inspired by his day-to-day living. He seeks to provide comfort to fans and empathize with them during this insane moment in history.

“Flowers” was written after Julian had a mental reset. The song explores how some things really aren’t the end of the world and that just because something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Skiboat manifests a more positive future with the hopes that better days are ahead. The songwriter shares,

“I think with my upcoming songs and projects I really want to dive into that kind of like “it could be worse”, “I can make it through this” message.”

Produced by Peter Kuli, “Flowers” is perfect for a laid-back moment keen on hazy vocals and soft, jazz-tinged guitars. This is the first time the artist has collaborated with an outside entity and the teamwork was a dream.

Be sure to check out “Flowers” for all your pandemic feelings and keep an eye out for Julian’s next project. Stream “Flowers” plus more below.

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