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Jasper Bones @ The Observatory

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This young guitar slayer will take your breath away with one song guaranteed. Though the discography is limited at the moment, you can expect great things from Jasper Bones. Circulating in the same circles as Cuco & Omar Apollo - Jasper Bones is also out here keeping a cool latin/blues sound on his tracks. Taking the stage with just his drummer, some of Jasper's standout songs of the night included Oscuridad, I Can't Stay and Someone Like You. The Observatory OC venue is one of the premier places to catch a gig and if you can serenade that room, there is a great chance you will go on to move even bigger crowds. Don't sleep on young Jasper because he is definitely on the come-up. Take a look at the gallery & songs from his discography below.

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