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Jarina De Marco Presents New Single & Video "Eléctrico" Feat. Diego Raposo

Dominican-Brazilian artist Jarina de Marco has released a whimsical and kinky music video for "Eléctrico (feat. Diego Raposo)"

Serving up a fist full of bouncy Jell-O is Jarina de Marco in her latest music video for "Eléctrico." The song in its entirety is sensual and exciting with the help of instrumentalist & producer Diego Raposo. "Eléctrico" is a beautiful new deviation from Marco's previous speeds of work, which have up until now been generally fast paced and lit up with firey afro-beats, thinking back to "Tigre" & "Look At That Butt" for example. "Eléctrico" is a new chapter in the artist's career. This single in particular will also be a great example of the forthcoming album, which will celebrate love, romance, intimacy and body positivity through its lyrics, beats and visuals.

The stunning visuals were directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Sindha Agha, who ingeniously utilized Jell-O to bring sex, sexuality and body positivity to life.

"I love the way Jell-O jiggles when you shake or spank it. I love that it can take any shape you mold it into and any color your imagination desires. It's playful, funny, innocent and sexy in a weird way which is why it was such a great medium to depict love, sex and sensuality. The best sex is a combination of all those elements. I felt like I was popping my baby-making music cherry making this video, and the director Sindha Agha shares the same fascination with color, texture and visceral imagery that makes the viewer feel uncomfortable, dazzled, grossed out and turned on at the same time," explains Jarina about the concept behind the "Eléctrico" video.

It was important for Jarina De Marco to convey the importance of self love and body positivity - all versions of it.

"I'm a Latina woman, I'm a voluptuous woman," de Marco says. "My body has changed and fluctuated in weight throughout my entire life, and I've gone through moments of hating the fact that I've gained weight. Now I'm in a place where when I go up and down, I just let it be, and I enjoy the parts."

This is a great perspective to finally be seen portrayed in a more mainstream way, especially coming from a Latina artist. The true fact is that we come in all shapes sizes and colors and are not all identically packaged to be like J-Lo (no shame on her) it's just nice to see sexuality embraced alongside body positivity.

"I wasn't just making Jell-O, I was also jiggling it and filming it and fingering it and squishing it and just being really weird with it. But it was so enjoyable to me. And it grossed people out, and it also made people feel weird and kind of horny."

The entirety of this glittery, squishy, sexy, and colorful video is the culmination of what is yet to come from Jarina De Marco. Be sure to follow and stream "Eléctrico" wherever you listen to music.

Check out "Eléctrico" below and be sure to watch the music video to grasp the full genius of this outstanding track.

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