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INYIM By Sierra Blax Feels Like An Early 2000’s Soft Pop Record.

Neo-Soul/Pop artist Sierra Blax teams up with Tim Rose to bring you “INYIM.”

“INYIM” (It’s Not You It’s Me) is definitely something we can relate to around here. This classic slogan is a playful admission from artist Sierra Blax who is really trying to just get by as she navigates the stressful but fun streets of LA. This single hits in the same way any smooth pop anthem gets to you and the strength that lies behind Blax’s vocals are as promising as they are beautiful.

Her hook, "it's not you it's me" is a classic way of her saying "I got issues but get over yourself."

Born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Sierra Blax keeps that perfectly chill island energy present throughout her fresh and soulful music. She was influenced by Mowtown artists at a young age and went on to study vocal performance at the University of Hawaii. Her upbringing has completely shaped the way that she approaches her music and sound, which is infectious. During these times, Sierra was inspired to write songs about the wild experiences she would encounter in her early 20’s.

“I wanted to write songs that were unapologetic, fun and audacious; we are so used to female singers sugar coating things, and I wanted to represent that female empowerment in my songwriting.”

Blax hopes to show her listeners that it’s alright to screw up sometimes and that they should use those not so graceful moments to embrace their mistakes and turn them into art. You can catch her in Los Angeles writing songs and creating new music in the studio. “INYIM” was produced with Tim Rose (cowriter and producer) and it features a tight rhythm section of Art Johnson on Drums (Skyler Steckler), Orlando Thompson on Bass (Eric Gales), Tim Rose on guitars (Allen stone, Sophistafunk), and D on keys.

Be sure to check out “INYIM” and the rest of Sierra Blax’s discography below!

Follow her @

Website: Sierra Blax

Instagram: SierraBlaxMusic

Youtube: SierraBlax

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