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Insecure Season 4 Music Highlight

Season 4 of HBO’s Insecure peels back the layers of Molly’s insecurity. Backwards priorities and faith in a relationship that was doomed from the beginning was the unfortunate divide between her and Issa’s relationship. Each episode takes us through the demise in incremental pieces. Luckily we have amazing scene changes led with songs from standout artists that Issa Rae had selected. These songs speak volumes between the scenes and help bridge each episode together. They are filled with music from artists all over the world but highlight Los Angeles based artists to help keep the feeling close to home.

Check out our favorite songs from the seasons and the scenes that inspired their selections.

Episode 1: Lowkey Feelin’ Myself

Standout Scene: The first minute of the season opens up with the dark and ominous scene of what will soon be Issa’s Block Party post Shooter scare. It’s post apocalyptic, which foreshadows Issa and Molly’s soon to be friendship. Issa utters into the phone, “Honestly, I dont fuck with Molly anymore” and gets you hooked immediately.

Notable Track Mention: My Neck, My Back (Lick It) by Khia

When Issa’s brother is DJing her Mixer and Issa’s apartment mate Trina wants to throw her own party.

Episode 2: Lowkey Distant

Standout Track: Far Rockaway by KAMAUU

Standout Scene: During the last scene in this episode Issa and Molly decide to go hiking for Self Care Sunday. By now Molly has already started to feel the turbulence in her new relationship with Andrew and is highlighting the details for Issa (mind you she is going it in this fierce ass Fendi sports bra set). After a brief call of affirmation from Andrew, she quickly returns to judging Issa for her hookup and breakup with TSA Bae but as the episode comes to an end you can still see the look of uncertainty in her eyes as her mind drifts to another place.

Notable Track Mention: Feelin It by Blimes and Gab

Episode 3: Lowkey Thankful

Standout Scene(s): Issa and her brother Ahmal roll up to their mother’s Thanksgiving only to find that the guy her mom is seeing has fallen and is being taken away by the paramedics. With no interest in staying around to hang with the man’s adult twin children they head out to have their own festivities. Walking into a Mexican restaurant they agree that’s the spot. This season is one of the first to really dive into the relationships Issa has with her mother and brother. After talking about his guy problems, Ahmal declares that he is done being chained down to men who are trash. She relates with an empathetic look and decides to sit in the moment and really enjoy this special Thanksgiving that truly tops all the horrible ones they previously had with their own family. Issa has such a great time that she decides to participate in sharing the lovely mariachi band on her social, which Lawrence later sees.

Episode 4: Lowkey Losin’ It

Standout Scene: The beef continues between Issa and Molly. They come to a place so petty that they are literally left on the street fighting over a parking space. Granted it's a justified thing to fight about in Los Angeles because those spaces are few and far between in what looks to be Mid City. Either way Molly’s judgement towards Issa leaves the viewers feeling angry since they know that Issa is doing her best to make her dreams a reality. Twitter says Molly is the show's villain but really it's the lack of communication.

Episode 5: Lowkey Movin’ On

Standout Track: Only If by Steve Lacy

Standout Scene: The day of the Block Party is keeping Issa up with nerves. She is doing what most people do when they can't sleep and stress eating a late night microwavable snack (in this case a quesadilla). She rolls through social media and notices that her bae Nathan is up and decides to give him a ring. After chatting through some Block Party reservations and guest lists (for Nathan’s sake) we finally arrive at the place we were at when the season started. Its Nathan to which she confesses, “Honestly, I dont fuck with Molly anymore.”

Notable Tracks: Wobble by V.I.C. and Fun by Vince Staples

The whole season peaks at these moments. The crowd is moving and groovin with the MC led Wobble and Issa’s thank you speech is overtaken with chants from the crowd who are demanding Vince Staples. Although Issa doesn't get to lay out the speech she probably thought she would get (which is a huge bummer) it's validated when Vince Staples hits the stage.

Episode 6: Lowkey Done

Standout Scene: Issa has just been a victim of bullying. A bridesmaids party just used her as a checkbox from their list of activities and it's an act of unnecessary cruelty she was not expecting. Her whole day has been filled with unforgiving bullshit in return for her trying to be an outgoing and giving person. She is defeated. So she calls the one person we have yet to see completely. Her mom. Once the two of them embrace it has you and Issa in tears. Her mother consoles Issa and lets her know that she is going through a big change in life now. She is growing up. She quite possibly may be referring to “Saturn’s Return,” which is when the planet Saturn returns to the place it was at when you were born. For many it is a wake up call to grow up and get real while chasing the dreams of their youth.

Episode 7: Lowkey Trippin’

Standout Scene: Having just arrived in Puerto Vallarta México, Molly and Andrew are determined to have a relaxing and good time with Andrew’s brother and sister in law. The vibes feel slightly competitive and Molly is already showing signs of adversity when Andrew suggests that his brother has a detailed itinerary. Determined to go along with it she agrees and soon ends up on a three mile hike early the next morning. What feels like the initial strike in the trip, Molly tries her best to go with the flow and for the first time we actually see her have fun.

Episode 8: Lowkey Happy

Standout Scene: After the confessional dinner, embarrassing run in with TSA Bae, and a romantic Art Walk Issa finds herself with Lawrence in his new grown up apartment. It’s about a year after they demolished their relationship and they have both grown up so much. They both needed to rediscover their own passions to understand their relationship with each other. Unfortunately Condola is a blip that keeps popping up and this time it feels weird. In the end however, we understand that Issa is finally where she wants to be. She is happy with Lawrences and the viewers see for the first time what they had been missing prior to their relationship turning south. They were really best friends that just let the best of their insecurities take their relationship down.

Episode 9: Lowkey Trying

Standout Scene: Issa has just spent the day with Nathan helping him move into his new apartment. The two head back to his old place to pick up a couple more things when they run into Molly and Andrew. They are convinced into staying for some dinner and drinks by Andrew, who was looking for a distraction from his and Molly’s situation. The four of them get into an old drinking game when Molly accidentally sends Issa a text that was meant for Andrew. Insulted, Issa leaves and Molly follows her. They finally come to a conversation that they have been missing for months. They aren't on the same friendship page anymore. Molly clearly makes her stance by saying she is a different person than Issa and that they aren't working anymore. They essentially break up leaving us all heartbroken. “Nothing Without You” by Tanerélle plays and closes out the episode.

Episode 10: Lowkey Lost

Standout Scene: It is really sad to think Issa’s brief moment of happiness with Lawrence was too good to be true. It felt too right for the show, which is usually plagued with bad luck and miscommunication. Unfortunately, the shoe drops and we are faced with the fact that Lawrence got Condola pregnant. It is a back and forth moment that feels eerily similar to season two finale when Issa daydreams about marrying Lawrence. You feel that moment slip away as soon as she snaps back into reality. What is also unexpected is the fact that Molly is there for her. Hopefully this time they make it work.

Find the entire seasons soundtrack here.

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