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How To Be Politically Active With Your Music

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

You can choose to make a political statement in many different ways in response to chaotic 24 hour news cycle. Some moments require you to be present at a rally or in a voter box. Other times you can activate your voice with the posts you share on social media, the clothes and makeup you wear, and of course with the music you listen to. Here are some ideas to represent your ideology and integrate it into your everyday habits.

Support Minority Artists

Nothing makes me happier than seeing diverse representation across the stage. World-views and perspectives are just as important in the music conversation because it presents a unique way we all can understand each other. None of the things on this list are mutually exclusive to one another. It's time to make changes to the music representation the world projects on us. We have come so far but still have a long ways to go. Support minority artists to change the world view.

Where to start: CHIKA

Support Female Artists

There is a never ending list of amazing female artists you can stream and support. When it comes to buying tickets to concerts look out for shows and festivals with female headliners. Up until now only 4 women have headlined Coachella. Last year there was only one festival on my radar that was dedicated to featuring an all female headlining group and that was Yola Dia. The music conversations online have tendencies to pit female artists against each other, making them compete, don't engage with that conversation and if you do encourage people not to compare and contrast.

Where to start: boygenius

Support LGBTQIA+ Artists

Not just during Pride but always. All the time. You will see that your interpretation of music has been unintentionally fixed especially if you come from a Cis background. There is liberation in knowing songs can project love to anyone no matter their gender or orientation. Witnessing LGBTQIA+ artists make it to the big stage brings joy and resolution to those who have needed it for so long. If you continue to stream, follow, and share music from this community it will only keep us all moving forward.

Where to start: SOPHIE

Amplify Posts by Sharing or RTing

Speaking of following and sharing posts, do it always. If you see your favorite artist post something new and amazing why not help it get a larger reach. Manipulate those algorithms not just for yourself but also for your small community of friends. Not only does it get the word out but it also gives the artist more confidence to continue creating and sharing their work. So like, share, retweet, repost, follow.

Buy Merchandise

By going to any show and buying merch you are supporting the community. It is seriously a win win scenario for both buyer and seller. But if your artist has something serious to say with their music than fuck it get a tee with their message on it. Wear it loud and proud. Somehow music merch has a way of outlasting all your other clothes anyways so 99% of the time buying merch is a great investment.

Where to start: Beyoncé

Support Aligned Clothing Companies

If you look hard enough you will find that the right stylists are dressing your favorite artists with clothing from brands that come from amazing values. A lot of new streetwear companies and small business companies are starting to emerge in small communities and they are starting to resonate with the masses. Artists are using these fashion choices to amplify not only their own values but also those of these awesome companies. Do your research and find your style alongside your favorite musicians.

Where to start: Kids of Immigrants & COMETEES

Encourage your friends to register to vote at concerts

Once in a while you will be present at a show or festival and folks will be walking around with clipboards or signaling you to a booth. Those are voter registration booths! Go make sure you are registered and encourage your friends to do the same. Nothing is more powerful than the right to vote. It is a civic duty that only puts action behind words. Find and align with the right leaders in your community and urge them to act by voting.

Where to start: Register to vote & Support Rock the Vote & Support HeadCount

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