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Heaven Surrounds You, Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

On Friday October 18th, 2019 The Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. was lined with with people waiting to get in. The glittery marquee that sits under the green venue sign embossed "Surf Curse" and right underneath was a line of fans pouring in.

The newest edition to Surf Curse's discography is called "Heaven Surrounds You" and is a smooth level up from 2017's snappy album "Nothing Yet". If I had to pick an sound that best represents what growing up in Los Angeles is like - the score would include songs from Surf Curse's "Nothing Yet". So many songs from that album set a fast and wild pace which really gives people entering their mid twenties mad nostalgia. "Heaven Surrounds You" is the mature indie sound that feels right for Surf Curse. Songs from this album can easily be mixed into your Rainy Day Spotify playlist - you know the one that makes you look out the window when its raining during family road trips. The band held on to their rumbling beats but polished up pretty much everything else, which makes the music feel more intentional. The refined lyrics in songs like River's Edge & Hour of the Wolf are deep and emotional enough to pull you by the hand and lead you deeper into the track list. I was really interested to see how they were going to blend these types of songs into what usually is a bustling and happy set.

Dirt Buyer & Spitting Image opened the show to an already packed house with some great sets. During the lulls - people hung out on the roof top smoking, enjoyed the dangling lights, and looked out onto Hollywood Blvd.

One thing that really makes The Fonda a great venue is the classic velvet curtain that raises up once the show starts. Lighting is also exceptional. Everyone was buzzing, which put a great vibe into the venue air.

As soon as curtains went up Surf Curse was posted up on stage and jumped right into their set. It was immediately energetic enough to send the crowd into a frenzy. The setlist was mixed to include a handful of new songs from "Heaven Surrounds You" but didn't damper any moods. "Doom Generation" even had the people in the back of the house bopping and trying not to spill their drinks.

By the end of the set they had gotten through most of their new material and before I knew it Nick was in the crowd performing "Disco".

One guy moshed so hard he puked in the corner. After that I couldn't concentrate - but overall it was a great show. Listen to Surf Curse's beautiful new album "Heaven Surrounds You" here.

All Photos by @jessica.rubio ✨

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