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Haus Of Gaga

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Who knew that taking a stroll around Lady Gaga's iconic wardrobe would be so life affirming.

After waiting 6 months for this show, I finally made it to Las Vegas to witness the amazing Jazz & Piano show Lady Gaga added to her Las Vegas residency show dates. Knowing this event was going to be special, I rushed to nab tickets and found myself along side my Mom wandering around Park MGM seeking out the venue. Luckily for us it was not hard to find & neither was the Haus Of Gaga. The new mini collection of all of the, well lets call them history making, outfits Gaga has stunted on runways around the world. These now museum pieces, include her most recent Met Gala transformation, the baby pink Joanne hat, as well as her Paparazzi era styles. The whole collection was vibrant and electric just like her performances.

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