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Guitar Gabby & The Txlips Band Rock The Industry

Meet the womxn paving the way for equality in the music industry.

Photo by: Gurlie Photography

When you think about the framework of the music industry and the female roles in particular, ground is still being broken everyday. Female chart toppers are rare enough to be celebrated, their viral songs and dances are reposted to the heavens, and their beauty comes is many colors, shapes, and sexual orientations.

However, major labels and tour companies are still struggling to hire more womxn to their boards of directors, executive positions, and management teams. Margins are even slimmer if you are black, latinx, or indigenous. Recent #MeToo stories are helping to uncover sexual predators and facilitate change via conversations. People are calling out major festivals for not adding female headliners. It's a glass half mostly half empty situation. On one hand you have this corrupted history, but on the other you have drivers who are determined to keep shattering these glass ceilings.

The Txlips Band, an international musical collective led by Gabriella "Guitar Gabby" Logan, hold the key to the future. They make up a roster of artists who support each other on tour and in the studio to help foster opportunities. We had the amazing opportunity to chat with a couple members to uncover some history of the Txlips Band, what they are working on now, and where they are going (because they definitely are going places). Please enjoy this fountain of knowledge from Guitar Gabby and her band mate Topaz Faerie, and be sure to check out Guitar Gabby x The Txlips Band's latest full length album "Prison of Life" ASAP.


Thanks a million for taking the time to do this. Before we get started with some meaty questions would you all mind introducing yourselves & what instruments you play to the readers of BOP?

Guitar Gabby & TxLips Band is a dynamic group of womxn whose mission is to challenge the boundaries set for womxn in the music industry as well as to inspire girls and womxn worldwide to be an unstoppable force in the music industry. This international touring collective has contributed to pushing the status quo of what the world says womxn can do. They continue to pursue their callings and are determined to motivate people everywhere by being themselves.

It is composed of more than 15 Black Womxn worldwide. Some of the womxn in the collective are:

Guitar Gabby (Atlanta): Manager, Lead guitar and vocals

Megan Maloney (NC): Guitar

Planet Vness (Atlanta): Keys

Whitney Sellers (Atlanta): Drums

Danielle Webster (Atlanta): Keys

Erin Mosely (Atlanta): Bass

Jae Stix (Oakland): Drums

Alexyss Hicks (Nashville): Drums

Aisha Gaillard (Los Angeles): Drums

Topaz Faerie (Los Angeles): Bass

Aliah Guerra (Montreal QC): Guitar

Lauren Walker (London): Drums

Thinking back to when you were young, how did music influence and shape your life growing up?

Topaz Faerie: It was another way for me to express myself. Therapeutic.

Guitar Gabby: It shaped the way I got through the world around me. It helped me to express what I felt in a healthy manner and it helped me to relate to others around me.

Photo by: Gurlie Photography

What were/are the main inspirations in your life musically?

Guitar Gabby: My musical influences range from Nirvana to Beyonce to Migos. I listen to a lot of different styles of music and incorporate them into my music. Nirvana is one of my biggest influences because of the way that Kurt took what he was going through in life and made it into a style of music that was so carefree and allowed any and everyone to not give a fuck for a minute and simply be where they were.

I am very inspired by Beyonce’s hustle and grind. I love her drive to stand up for Womxn in the industry no matter what. I love the versatility she has and I model my ability to be effortlessly versatile through the different styles you hear on TxLips Band music.

Topaz Faerie: Classical music, PBS kids, Early 2000s R&B

What intrigued you all the most about your instruments? Why did you choose to learn how to master them?

Topaz Faerie: I was 12. I was learning guitar at first but didn't like the feeling of the thin strings, so I switched to bass. Bass felt more natural.

Guitar Gabby: I picked up the guitar after not finding that feeling after I played a few different instruments. I wanted to play what I was hearing in my head and guitar gave me that freedom in addition to being able to sing and entertain while I played.

How did The Txlips Band come to be? Was there a special moment where it all clicked and you knew “ok this is it - we gotta do this” or was it a gradual experience?

Guitar Gabby: The collective actually started in 2016 when I was asked to play behind Diamond from Crime Mob. I did a few music videos with her and a few shows as part of her HBCU tour and then realized there was a huge gap in the industry and I wanted to be one of the ones out there that did something about it instead of waiting for an industry that doesn’t fully support Black Females in all of our glory. I started the band at that moment and have been rockin and rollin' since then. Along the way I met many amazing Black Womxn that would come to be part of the collective long term or on their own time. I wanted to create a platform where Black Womxn are able to do what they want when they want without being forced to sacrifice any of the other hats we as Womxn all around the world have to wear.

Gabriella: What is one of the most valuable lessons law school taught you that you apply to your life and work every day?

Guitar Gabby: I would say knowing how to protect yourself, not being afraid to say no and finding out what discipline and drive REALLY meant to me. This is part of the reasons why I identify with much of Beyonce’s past because she showed so much drive and resilience no matter what anyone in industry throws at you.

Gabriella: What are some of the most fulfilling things about managing yourself and the band?

Guitar Gabby: Being able to control my career how I want and based on my vision for TxLips Band, LLC. I think it is very important to be well versed in this industry because I know firsthand how far it can get if you are able to dictate your path on your own speed and with your own vision.

What advice do you have for young womxn who are independently trying to make their way in music?

Guitar Gabby: I would say learn the business first and foremost. I use my platform to encourage and educate Womxn out there to help them push the boundaries for what this industry says we can do.

Topaz Faeire: Work hard if you want to be successful. Be hungry and ambitious. And don't let anyone mansplain. Ever.

Is there any music in the works that we can expect soon?

Guitar Gabby: Yes! You can listen to my first full length album Musicology that was released last month and then I am releasing a second full length album Prison of Life on 7.31 which is the anniversary of TxLips Band, LLC. It will be exclusively streamed to the website at 12 midnight and then available on Apple and Spotify shortly after.

How has the pandemic changed your strategy when it comes to releasing new music?

Guitar Gabby: In some ways, it has given me more flexibility because I have been able to work from my home while still doing what I need to do to get both of these 2020 projects out.

What are your plans for 2021 when (fingers crossed) the world is able to open back up again?

Guitar Gabby: My plan is to pick back up with my second international tour! Prison of Life x Musicology tour dates will be announced. :)

How would you like to see the music industry transform in the future to become more inclusive and representative towards womxn and BIPOC?

Topaz Faerie: Have open conversations about being inclusive, and live by what you preach.

Guitar Gabby: I’d love to see the industry embrace Womxn and be more inclusive of everyone, not just a select few and claim they are being “Diverse”.

From your experience what are some pointers you can share that have helped you navigate the world of independent music as a womxn?

Guitar Gabby: Learning the industry! I honestly can’t stress this enough because so many Womxn in the industry have lost their chance at their careers because they don’t know what to look for, why those things are red flags and how to navigate through it all.

Thanks again for the amazing insight and advice. Before we wrap are there any last words you would like to share with us?

Guitar Gabby: Pls follow @guitargabby and @thetxlipsband on all social media and join our TxLip Nation fb group to get a free welcome gift. :)

Check out website for the two new albums

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